The easiest way to find the templates you need quickly is to click on the Products and Pricing link above. From there locate the product you're interested in, and click on that product's description. This will take you to the product page where you will find the templates you need at the bottom of the page. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.


If you are a professional designer and would like a complete set of templates for all of our products, use one of the links below.


This page includes links to all the template files needed to have your graphic files prepared for printing or replication of CDs and DVDs. Please read over the entire page since different files are needed depending on the type of product and the number of CDs or DVDs to be produced.


If you are a graphic professional using (CS5.5) InDesign 7.5, Adobe Illustrator 15.1, Photoshop 12.1, or QuarkXPress 6.5 to create files for CD or DVD orders for 300 or more units (these templates are EPSs that can be placed or opened in the above mentioned programs):


QCA CD and DVD (3 MB)


Disc Label Specifications (DscRead.pdf)


If you are using other graphic software to produce eps, tiff, or psd files for CD orders for 300 or more units:


CD Templates.pdf


You'll need a pdf reader to view these files. It can be found here:


Get Acrobat