Welcome to QCA


QCA was founded by Edward R. Bosken in the early '50s as a printer of album jackets for the new LP format which was rapidly replacing the 78s of that time. The next 60 years brought about many changes at QCA. As the LP flourished, QCA added complete facilities for record graphics and manufacturing. And as LP sales peaked in the late '70s, QCA was literally working around the clock to manufacture records for major clients like Capitol, RCA, and Chrysalis for renowned acts such as the Beatles and Elvis Presley.


In the early '80s, as the LP business began to decline, QCA expanded into cassette manufacturing. With a reputation built on offering complete in-house service, QCA also added capabilities for graphic design, film, and printing for cassettes. And only a few years later we expanded again for complete CD services, and soon after that we began producing DVDs.


Over the past 60 years many competitors have come and gone. Some have even tried to imitate QCA's complete service and package prices. But none have been able to duplicate QCA's 60 year commitment of quality and service to our customers.